Friday, 18 April 2014

What I Can do for my Nation

Their are many People who want to help to the nation but they are unable to help due to lack of knowledge or lack of Money

I have written some of the small thing which a common man can do to help his nation by not disturbing his Personal or Professional Life

1. Right a Letter to President:
                                             Their are Many RTI activists in India who file RTI to expose corruption but they have to lost their life just because they don't have protection to their life. You can start with a letter to the President that This nation need more RTI activists to remove corruption and you want the President of India to ensure no RTI activist or any Social Activists killed anywhere in India.

This latter will definitely help to raise your Voice and Give you a felling that you have Done something for those RTI activists who don't know you.

2.Right a Email to any Dipartment
                                            We are social People and We need saw so many wrong things happening around us, But we normal left those thing and start focusing on our own things or work.
     At last we need to stand up for something or the other thing , why we started adjusting our life with wrong things

start by clicking a Picture of Wrong things happening arround and Just share it on Social Media with the Whole Story that what was happening at that time and tag you Friends

and if you  think that you should take some action against it, Just mail it to the all the Govt. Dipartment whom you think should know about this,
Email id can be searched on Google for any dipartment

I would Request you to subscribe to this Blog as we will be sharing copy of RTI and other usefull Information on daily basis

Jai Hind

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Why this Blog has been Created

Today I have created this blog to ensure that the RTI act which is widely known as a tool to stop corruption reaches to Maximum People
I will be sharing the Copy of the RTI and other details Soon